​She’s way cooler than me,

finding ways and means to steal glimpses of light whenever she can.

She’s way stronger than I am.

She probably wonders why I love the dark so much,

secretly wishing she was the reason I resented the essence of light.

She stretches and shrinks with streetlights and car lamps

yearning to find out why I’m always alone,

strolling, a lone ranger, for miles on end.

She strays a lot, even in the darkest of places.
She echoes my fears sometimes, her dim figure

boldly outlining the strengths I keep hidden.

She’s more to me than a mere silhouette;

She’s bolder than I’ll ever be.

If my shadow were human, what would she be like?

Will she be everything I’m not?

Will she stand tall for me whenever I cower like she’s supposed to?

She most probably would; she won’t have much of a choice.

But she’d resent me; my mere existence.

She’ll imitate my actions in anger,

crying for release from a life such as this.

If my shadow were human, would she be proud of who I’ve become?

Proud enough to be attached to myself?


Everything that we see is a shadow cast by that which we do not see

– Martin Luther King Jnr.

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She’s Not the One: Ep 8 (Final)

She’s Not the One: Ep 8 (Final)

Hello everyone! Welcome to day 3 of my week long posting🤗. It’s mighty late but it’s here nonetheless. Today’s post is for the continuous rains that give us beautiful weather to sleep with almost every night in Kumasi😍, the fans we keep at the highest level to be able to curl ourselves and toes beneath our quilts and the hostel generator that goes out exactly when we need it😣. 

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