I’m back I’m back I’m BACK!! Happy Thursday and welcome to my blog. Last week I grew up and everyone loved it! Thanks for all the messages and comments; the likes and retweets! You’re all the best! Today’s post is dedicated to all KNUST students who are graduating throughout the week, especially my class! Congratulations – we did it!💫

Let’s get right into it then….


Estrella could make this shot, she felt it deep within. She didn’t have to lose the ball to him. She glanced up at the ring, bouncing the ball as she stuffed her opponent. Taking in a deep breath, her eyebrows furrowing and lips parting, she made the shot. Estrella winced in imaginary pain as he appeared out of nowhere, grabbing the ball mid-air through her what could’ve been the perfect 3-pointer. She glowered.

‘Jason! That’s not fair and you know it!’

Estrella’s frown dissolved when he turned to face her, his dimpled face looking down at her totally animated. He’d given up on getting Estrella to call him ‘Daddy’ again ever since she turned 18. He had to admit, he’d grown to like the sound of his first name- made him feel younger than the bulky 56 years he’d been alive for. Estrella took a look at her father and felt her pride swell.

Jason Eshun wasn’t like most fathers were at 56; young at heart with the face of a 32 year old newlywed. Estrella flashed back to how her friends in both primary and senior high gushed whenever her dad came around. It got worse every Valentine’s Day when he brought them chocolates. They could’ve smothered him with kisses if only he were younger. They always amused him, those little girls with the stars in their eyes. His eyes beheld just one- his baby Estrella. Jason always wore a deep in thought look, his wide set copper eyes always saying more than his lips did. He dazzled endless belles with his bright eyes, fringed with long lashes. His eyebrows were thick and unruly, the ladies never understanding why he had facial hair extensions material, an old man! Jason was tall, a splendidly ft. 6 foot 3 man with a narrow face and delicate hands. His beard was always groomed, making his strong nose a little more pronounced than God had initially planned. Jason’s one insecurity and everyone’s attraction had always been his skin tone. A shade of honey, his skin was covered with clear porcelain spots which glowed. His double skin they called it. Estrella looked nothing like her father but she was just like him at the same time; emotion-driven, a hearty eater and an ardent lover of basketball.

Jason loved playing with Estrella, who kept improving every day. Looking at her 18 year old self crouched on their veranda, he could still see his 5 year old baby girl, wearing an oversized jersey trying to balance herself on the basketball. She’ll always be his little star, his Estrella.

‘Get up Ella, let’s go!’ Estrella groaned but got up either way. The second quarter was better than the first, with more shots than she could count. At this rate, they’ll miss lunch and her mother would explode; Mama Mabel was used to it, but she never held back her yells of disdain.

Estrella had just passed the ball to her father when it happened. Jason started moving towards the ring when suddenly everything ceased. Losing his grip on the ball he slumped onto the floor, coughing all the way down.

‘Daddy?’ Estrella had never seen him cough like that before, getting closer to him to find out what was wrong.

‘Just get me a glass of water Estrella, I’ll be fine’ Jason’s cough worsened with every breath after that; repetitive bouts that had no beginning and end. His chest was on fire, his heart raced and everything was instantly looking fuzzy. Estrella couldn’t see him like this.

‘Daddy?’ she stopped as Jason moved his palm from his face when the coughing had subsided.

Blood. It was all over his mouth, jersey and palm.

‘Estrella, get a doctor’

She hardly heard him as she watched him let go. She couldn’t do anything apart from scream and run as his body slammed onto the ground.


There was noise everywhere. Foreign machines with alien sounds disturbed Estrella’s thoughts as she watched her father. He looked utterly vulnerable. Jason’s eyes were closed; he looked dead already and Estrella couldn’t cry. She could feel the tears in her eyes but gravity never gave them a chance to fall. Mabel’s tears came easily and for once Estrella wished she could cry more, like her mother. She looked at her father’s form, then at her mother’s pacing figure. Mama Mabel was mumbling what Estrella believed was more of a self-affirmation than a prayer.

‘He’s going to be fine; he has to be fine’

Estrella had always hated places like this, Jason more so than her. She wondered how he could sleep so soundly in an atmosphere of antiseptics and blood-stained cotton; fresh gloves and syringes. If he were conscious he would’ve created a scene; complaining about how all hospitals smelled the same. She gulped, it was coming. Finally. She didn’t want to fight it, not this time. For once she wanted to know how it felt like; pain.

Estrella felt her tears from within her constricted chest. It hurt with every drop that escaped from her eyes. Her eyes chose to burn, her head ached at all angles but she couldn’t stop crying. She was watching Jason slip away and she couldn’t do a thing, not a single thing. Where was God hiding when she needed Him the most? Mama Mabel held her, mumbling and crying. Everything was going to be fine.

Jason’s doctor was curt but kind. ‘Estrella, your father’s left lung has been cancerous for a while. He swore me to secrecy until now what he needs now is a transplant; immediately’

‘Take mine’ Estrella felt too drained to exhibit shock, much less look into the doctors eyes. She wondered why he even needed to ask.

‘I, I can’t’ he averted his eyes to Mabel, deliberately avoiding her questioning glare. Mabel shook her head. They had 3 more years to do this! The doctor’s face told her otherwise.

‘Estrella, Jason is your dad, not your father’

Estrella froze. She looked at the doctor, then at her mother before her attention shifted to Jason. His eyes were open; he’d heard everything yet he was calm, not a pulse off beat.

He knew.



I’m not done I promise! I found the whole story a bit too long for one sitting so I split it lol. The second part will be posted same time next week! Thanks for reading😊 Don’t hold back, share!


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