Hypothetically Speaking

​I found a new best friend, hypothetically speaking.

A friend that I can run around with at 10pm

A friend I fight with at my door for 5 minutes before opening

A friend I can have failed Kit Kat experiments with, hypothetically speaking.

I know the world isn’t one of hypothesis

That the universe won’t feed us ‘what ifs’ 

And countless unending equations of probabilities.

I love knowing that our friendship isn’t just an idea

It’s a manifestation; a reality and as such

Realistically speaking….

I want to walk along the beach with you

With black polythene bags decorating the water’s surface 

Like paisley patterns on silk fabric.

With Rasta men jogging past 

Their eyes as red as Kwabotwe’s* uniform.

I want to watch a movie with you

To steal your popcorn even though 

I hate how sticky sugar popcorn can be.

Realistically speaking….

I want us to talk for 10 minutes

Then listen to background music for the next 50.

I want to be your best friend

The one you’re not shy to tell when you have runsto*.

The one you teach how to use Steve Jobbs’ babies.

I want that roasted plantain seller to see you and ask

‘Oh, so today your wife didn’t come?’

I want you to hold me back when I feel vulnerable

To smile and remind me of self-control, when my mind is not in its right state.

I want this to stay as it is; to be real every single day.

I want our reality to be everything we wished for

Everything we spoke of, hypothetically.


For Screech & Flora; just because I’m your number one fan💫

Kwabotwe*- Mfantsipim School.

Runsto*- Runny tummy. 


22 thoughts on “Hypothetically Speaking

  1. Hypothetically SpeakingI have a new favourite blog;
    one that I should bookmark and keep coming back to,
    in case I should forget the title…
    Realistically Speaking I will stalk your blog and read a post or two ^_^

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Hypothetically speaking….
    I wish we switched gender so u come and ron me with all these vibes…..

    Realistically speaking….
    U are such an amazing writer and I hope u don’t drop this hobby for anything. Big ups gal nice piece.

    Liked by 1 person

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