I found it! I found a story! Hope you had fun reading last week’s story. Today’s post is the last (I’m hoping) installment in the series and I am GRATEFUL for the feedback so far. I love you all🌹. Today’s post is for a friend I LOVE laughing at- Jay Kophy😗


What were you expecting, a marriage proposal? Were you even properly covered up? We’re hard pressed right now; come back tomorrow. How can your own boyfriend just wake up and decide to rape you?’

The officer’s laugh echoed in my head. I could feel my system constrict, preparing itself to convulse like never before. I tried speaking, to tell him that I actually did wear trousers last night; nothing came out. I was too stunned to speak; they did not believe me! I needed them to believe me!

Everything happened too fast. My legs gave way and I stumbled onto their yellow stained, originally white marble floor and the last thing in view being my purity band spinning away; away from me forever. If only I could show them; if only they saw what happened..


8:00am- Chemistry Class

CaoH+ NH3 SO4……

Who balances equations on a Friday?

The numbers and combinations hit hard against my brain from all angles possible. I could scream, but really, what’s the point? No one forced me to study Pharmacy. Wait, daddy did. I gnawed on my nails-what was left of them anyway, as I counted down to the close of my chemistry class- I had so much to do today and spending hours balancing atoms didn’t exactly cut it. I needed to get out- NOW!

Baaba’s alarm sounded like victory from my oppressors- as a class rep she never disappointed her people. I felt a whole lot lighter instantly; I smiled. My weekend was going to be all sorts of LIT, and it hadn’t even began yet! Walking back to the hostel gave me sufficient time to mentally revise my to-do list;

• Laundry

• Meal prep

• Hockey and Choir practice

Nii Kpakpo

Yes, I had a human being on my list and for good reason; Nii Kpakpo was my boyfriend. A player on the school’s hockey team like myself, he was no captain but a terrific player nonetheless. Nii Kpakpo was everything I couldn’t stand in people of the male species; egoistic, phlegmatic and a terrible comedian. I couldn’t stand his ‘too sure’ demeanour each time he came for practice, yet this same demeanour drew me to him- I needed to understand his thought process. Why did God put so much too-known in this annoying cassava stalk of a body? In my bid to decipher him I fell, shamelessly and willingly- and I loved it!

Nii Kpakpo was different- once he was away from the hockey field. He was attentive, evermore the talker, a deep thinker and quite the nerd. The sapiosexual in me sang hymns unimaginable-he had turned out to be better than I anticipated. Our friendship was candid, making our relationship all the more exciting. We spoke about everything; hockey, banku and tilapia, the new 5 cedi note we both hated and even sex. We never ran out of topics to peruse about.

Nii and I had agreed to be conventional when it came to sexually related activities- he for the sake of morality and myself for the sake of religion. His reason scared me occasionally but he assured me continually that he respected my decision. In a bid to prove this, he got me a band- a purity band. It was slim, silver-bound, with ‘Until then…’ inscribed within its inner radius. I could say I loved Nii at that time, but that’ll be rushing things wouldn’t it?

It had been 365 days since Nii Kpakpo asked me out, and to celebrate, a unanimous decision was taken- a pizza + movie date night! Being final year students who constantly struggled between buying hand-outs and paying hostel fees, money was too dear a commodity to be squandered on a dinner date at Mövenpick. Everything was just as planned, just as I’d expected. The pizza was delivered just as the movie started; Nii made sure to order early enough. I studied him for the first time in a long time and smiled.

Nii had matured in just a year. With his freshly shaped 90’s punk haircut, to his neatly trimmed beard, he looked like a boy’s prefect back in secondary school. His blue short sleeved shirt elaborated his recent visits to the gym. I knew what he sounded like but when he mentioned my name, I gasped- He sounded so gruff! How did I not realise this before?

With so much anticipation towards the night I knew exactly how it was meant to unfold;

We’ll have pizza with a 1.5 litre bottle of Fanta Lemon.

• We would watch Hidden Figures, Sing and The Mechanic.

• We would have ice cream- the one that belongs to Nikki, my roommate. We’d replace it of course, right before she got back from her class trip.

• We would talk about how hockey was wearing us out and getting in the way of our academic work.

• I’d complain to Nii about Mr Lawson, the professor who kept making advances at me during my biochemistry class.

• We’d take a walk within the neighbourhood, probably stopping for some kebab or guinea fowl and sobolo as our supplementary dessert.

It wasn’t a part of the plan; of my plan. Nii Kpakpo wasn’t supposed to kiss me; he wasn’t supposed to touch me, anywhere on my body, but he did. I held him off. I tried to bite him but his visits to the gym held me in place. I wanted to shout at him; to show him our band and remind him of our decision. I looked into his eyes and couldn’t recognise him- Nii was non-existent. In his place was a stranger; a strange, red-eyed monster. Instantly I realised that our decision had actually been my decision all along.

With every shred of fabric he tore I cried louder. With every thrust tears burnt my face, then my neck, evaporating into mere nothingness, just like my self-worth. I kicked and scratched Nii, I did everything they taught me in defence seminars and he overpowered me with every single strike. My cries and tears followed no rhythm, my heart’s beat rang in my ear but was too feeble for the monster to hear. I wanted to die, before anything happened. I’d rather die than have to go through what I was going through. Nii Kpakpo couldn’t do this to me; Nii shouldn’t have done this to me!

He stopped. Nii Kpakpo finally stopped. He looked down at me, dazed and visibly satisfied. He tried to talk to me, mumbling inexplicable vowel combinations clearly directed at me, then he left.

He left me there.


Blood stained.



Half dead.

I made to move, to tell somebody-ANYBODY! I didn’t last long on my feet. The only thing I recall was my purity band spinning, just as it was now, spinning feet away from me as my head touched the ground..



Thanks for reading! With July ending in some days most of us art lovers are counting down to the next best art festival in town:

That’s my friend: Wizzy!😎

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Till next week!


6 thoughts on “‘Tears’-Date Night

  1. Nii has to pay for his sins so Kuki bae 💙 please we need a sequel…. Nice piece really enjoyed reading it.
    FYI: If Nii walks free I will see u in court….lol 😂

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