​Letting go is hard.
You’ve held onto hope for too long

The scars are skin deep; your sores still raw

You bleed, not because of hurt

But because you know it’s time

Time to decide

To taste what liberation would feel like.

Accepting what’s before you

Sets your mind free so bad.

Your hair stands on end

On just how weightless your heart feels.

Your feet move, then they float.

You’re filled with a freedom

You never knew you had

And she welcomes you wholly

With rather exaggerated open arms.

I learnt to love Self

No, to find love within Self.

I date, then court Self

All in a bid to marry Self, flaws and all

Compromising on seemingly scrupulous

Ultimatums I always pushed her away with.

I’m slowly telling time to slow down

To wrap Self and I in fibers of loving minutes-

A combination of Self now and Self to be


You’ll be loved, some day.

You’ll find someone to call yours

Someone who’ll embrace the pain out of you

Someone you’ll be willing to kneel in front of,

And swear to give your entire world to.

You’ll find that someone when you let go,

Wash fear away and look in the damn mirror.



Source: Pinterest

19 thoughts on “Who Better than YOU to Love Yourself?

    1. Exactly. No one knows you like you do. People expect others to love/ respect/ embrace them when deep within they don’t feel that way towards themselves and that’s cruelty.


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