Happy New Month! Our post on self love last week really reached out to readers and I’m totally glad it did. Today’s #FeatureMonday post is a follow up to last week’s piece. I hope you enjoy it!


Life in school is amazing.

Spending time with friends.

Going for group meetings.

Pulling off all nighters with friends.

All night gaming and parties.


Most people want to continue

Continue with this fun.

Fun with little to no worries

Worries of the real world,

The world within which we live.


Sorry to burst your bubble

The bubble of fantasy.

The fantasy that keeps you from the world.

A serious world with hardworking people.

People who create their own paths

People willing to sacrifice a whole lot more,

In a bid to live the life we all yearn for,

To chalk the successes we all dream of.

My good friends coming into the real world

A world where grades don’t beat skill.

A world where hustle is the nickname of hardwork.

All I am trying to let you know is

Nothing comes easy.

You need to bust your behind

To achieve every single dream.


Step into the world

Aiming for everything success encompasses.

Make yourselves and family proud.

Be the shining star in the dark.

Pull everyone else along.

Gain every respect available.

At the end happiness will not skip you.




Thanks for reading!

P.S. I have a story for Thursday- a true life story😱😱. Till then!💙


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