Blogtober #22- Confessions (Of a Kukie)

Blogtober #22- Confessions (Of a Kukie)

​Little, crazy and even silly secrets.

We all have those. Certain things we’d rather keep hidden whilst we grit our teeth through the torture of it all lol. Secrets tell you more about a person than you could ever imagine. Today I’m baring skin; more than I’d usually do because well,

It’s Blogtober…..

1. I grew up believing in my soul that I was very transparent.

2. I’ve never had;




3. I’m low-key claustrophobic. Elevators freak me out and when my sitting place gets a tad bit crowded, I feel a sudden urge to cry🙈. 

4. I can’t stand ironing ANYTHING! Give me things to wash and I’ll be fine but please, Don’t. Make. Me. Iron.

5. I always walk with my head towards the ground because I’m terribly shy and terrified of meeting new people. Yes, making new friends is extremely hard for me lol. I’m getting better at this though💃

6. In my mind, I’ve been married to each and every Barcelona & Man Utd player😏.

7. I’m terrible at repairing relationships. Once I decide to cut you off, that’s it.

8. I’m scared of phone calls. I always get a panic attack when my phone rings. I have no idea why, but it just scares me.

9. I love Tuo Zaafi! More than Ghana Jollof!

10. When I get overly excited I cry. Like the whole red eyes, warm tears package, smh. 

This is probably you right now😂

11. I used to cut myself back in secondary school. I was a happy girl back then,But funny enough I honestly didn’t feel good enough to live. The pain was addictive; calming really, until God brought sense into my life. 

12. I always taste water after drinking. Don’t ask why; it’s just become a shameless habit after I started mixing my water with lemon/Apple cider vinegar lol.

13. Libraries make me sleepy; EXTREMELY sleepy.

14. I love piercing and tattoos, especially ear piercings (hi Mamaa, Akosua & Mariam!)

15. I don’t remember what anything is called in grammar. I always ask myself if ‘already; is an adjective or adverb. I just mix all the terms up.

When I’m asked any Literature related question.

16. I hate literature! School literature that is; all the technicalities it comes with. I CANNOT! The only terms I do recall and understand are simile, metaphor and personification. I’m still figuring out puns and hyperbole😂.

17. I Google everything! Especially when I’m writing. I have a soft spot for synonyms lol.

18. I never ever want anyone to know the words I’ve looked up lol.

19. Once upon a time, relationships scared the heaven out of me lol!

20. I love sleep more than anyone could ever imagine!


I made it to 20 and I must say I’m actually proud of myself right now. 

I hope you enjoyed reading this! Thanks for the comments and the post reminders too! Till tomorrow,



Blogtober #21- My Christmas Wishlist

Blogtober #21- My Christmas Wishlist

With Christmas getting closer there’s honestly just one thing I really really desire; the revival of my Christmas spirit! There are so many things I look forward to prior to the celebration as they give me the hope of an exciting season. We’re going back in time, way back to everything that makes Christmas Christmas. Enjoy!

My Christmas Wishlist!

What’s on your Christmas wishlist though?